EKPHRASIS Submission Page

Call for Submission is Now Closed!!

EKPHRASIS Submission

May 1, 2017 – June 2, 2017


The CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS is for registration of visual artists and poets who wish to participate in the 2017 EKPHRASIS Art & Words.


Mind, Body, and Soul :: Mental Health and Wellness.  This theme invites any interpretation, exploration, and expression of mental illness; grief and loss; and trauma experience/recovery.


  • May 1st – June 2nd ::  Open Call for Artists and Poets
  • Monday June 12, 2017 :: Visual artist and poet duos will be paired together and announced
  • Friday November 3, 2017 :: EKPHRASIS Waco! Exhibit opens Downtown Waco during First Friday festivities
  • Saturday November 4, 2017 ::  Opening reception, poetry reading, and live music

Guideline Information:

All single entries for visual artists and poets will be randomly paired.  Those who wish to enter with a partner may do so, but BOTH ENTRANTS must complete the entry form (please email: centexartistcollective@gmail.com for the form).  Entry Fee covers exhibit and event expenses including artist prizes.  If the entry fee presents a hardship, please contact CTAC admin at centexartistcollective@gmail.com to discuss options, no one will be turned away for lack of entry funds.

Only the registration and entry form are due by June 2, 2017.  Visual Artists and Poets will have 16 weeks/4 months to complete their collaborations.

OUT OF TOWN ENTRIES ARE WELCOME!  Visual artists and poets are responsible for the shipping or delivery AND pickup/return of their own work.  CTAC will not be held liable for any damages to artwork during shipping.

Entry Details:

*Artist submission*

  • entry can not exceed 3ft width by 3ft height
  • framing a canvas is optional but all canvases must be gallery ready: finished edges & hanging wire installed
  • 2D paper entries must be mounted to a black foam board with a one inch boarder
  • textile entries must have hanging mechanism installed
  • 3D pieces and other special displaying needs must be explained on submission form

 *Poetry submission*

  •  use 10pt to 12pt font size, single spaced
  • entry can not exceed one page (usually this is 30-40 lines; multiple columns acceptable)
  • final entries must be edited and polished; poems will be printed as submitted and only edited for formatting

Complete EKPHRASIS Waco! Registration and Entry form here–select your entry type and once you complete your registration payment process, you will be directed to complete the entry form via Google Docs (if it does not appear, please email: centexartistcollective@gmail.com for the form).


If you have made it to the end of this page, thank you; however our call for artists and writers are now closed, but you can still make a DONATION towards this community event.

Please, stay on the lookout for our EKPHRASIS updates.

Warm thanks,

CTAC admin and EPHRASIS Committee