“Veracity is defined as the quality of being true or the habit of telling the truth. I like to describe it as the art of truth telling. What is more truthful than our personal stories?”

Angie Veracruz, CTAC Executive Director and Community Outreach Liaison

Our Vision

CTAC’s 2019 EKPHRASIS: VERACITY will create an ekphrastic journey through history, while focusing on migration to immigration stories and the psychological effect that ripples through generations. Told by the artists and writers, or for those who’s stories they have been inspired to tell, who live and thrive in Central Texas.

Participating Artists and Writers will choose at least one of these main topics as the focus of their ekphrastic display:

Commitment to participate is from 2/25 through 3/25.

Payment accepted through PayPal link at the bottom, or send us an email at centexartistcollective@gmail.com for additional options.

  • $30 for single participant. (Pair me up, I can work with anyone!)
  • $50 for a creative duo. (I have a partner and we work well together!)
  • We have removed the option for creating a second piece. Please contact us before you submit a 2nd payment for additional works.
  • Ekphrastic pairing will be announced on April 1st, 2019

Sampling of four ekphrastic pairings from 2017 Ekphrasis: mind, body, soul

Let the creative juices flow…

Creativity cannot thrive in isolation and for centuries, art and literature have complimented each other to inspire thriving art cultures around the world. Ekphrasis is a literary description of or commentary on a visual work of art. Central Texas Artist Collective have been challenging writers and artists to create an ekphrastic display since 2016.

Guidelines for Creating…

Visual Artists may submit artwork in Acrylic, Airbrush, Assemblage, Charcoal, Color Pencil, Collage, Digital Art, Drawings, Encaustic, Graphite, Fiber Arts, Illustration, Mixed Media, New Media, Oil, Pastel, Traditional and Digital Photography, Textiles, Watercolor, and more.

  • We will accept veracious, original artwork that fulfills Our Vision
  • Literal or abstract reflection of the writer’s words or emotions
  • Maximum size is 3x4ft in any medium
  • All artwork on paper must be framed behind glass
  • Canvas work must be gallery finished
  • Discuss with your writer on how to approach the creative process
  • Make a timeline towards completion
  • Remember this artwork will be displayed in the downtown storefront windows, so no nudity or too much gore. Even the most subtle images can evoke an emotion.

Writers/Poets if you would like to create a true Ekphrastic poem, then you must let the artist create their piece first. This is going to require some communication and planning out a timeline towards completion. Write your piece after viewing the artist’s completed work.

  • Send final written piece as a Word doc
  • No less than 18 point with a 40 line limit
  • Columns are accepted if easily readable with the above parameters
  • For non-traditional ekphrastic poems, plan ahead with the artists
  • Get to understand the why behind the creations
  • In the end, however the ekphrastic display is created, it will be up to you both, Writer and Artist together.

Submission Process. Please, read fully before agreeing to participate.

Submission deadline is September 15th, 2019.

Artists, let’s keep things simple:

  • Visual Artist must send in a digital image (use your cell phone) of completed artwork to centexartistcollective@gmail.com no later than September 15th;
    • Not doing so will forfeit your ekphrastic display in the storefront windows downtown; therefore your writer will not be displaying either;
  • In the email
    • Subject line should read 2019 EKPHRASIS
    • Include a brief description of your artwork specs height, width, weight (if more than 5lbs)
    • Title of artwork and price
  • If there are any special displaying requirements, you MUST be available on install days, Oct 2nd or 3rd for the outside exhibit and on Oct 31st at Cultivate7Twelve.
  • In case of a purchase offer, please inform the buyer that you are currently committed to have your artwork on display for both the outside exhibit and the collective exhibit at Cultivate7Twelve, until the ending of November. However, we do not want you to miss out on a potential sell, so please be courteous to your writer and CTAC committee. Let’s have a discussion if the buyer can not wait until the end of the whole exhibiting period.
  • All visual artwork will be professionally photographed for marketing and promoting of Central Texas Artist Collective events and exhibits going forward.

Writers, I am sorry, but it is about to get complicated:

  • Writers are to send their finished pieces as a PDF attach to our email at centexartistcollective@gmail.com
  • Subject line should read 2019 EKPHRASIS
  • Send attachment as a PDF file, named as 2019 EK_writer’s name_title
    • Example: 2019 EK_Jane Doe_Separation
  • Final version should be no less than 18 point and 40 line limit; columns must be easily readable.

“Remember, the ekphrastic displays must be completed by September 15th. They will go up on the 2nd & 3rd of October. Just in time for First Friday.”

Steve Veracruz, CTAC’s Communication and Events Coordinator

Event Timeline, will be updated…

Commitment to Participate 2/25 through 3/25. entry fees accepted
Waco Walk4/28 Waco History 101
CREATION PERIOD5/1 through 9/14
Submission Deadline9/15 submit information via email
EK: VERACITY downtown10/2 & 3 set up in business storefronts
EK: VERACITY at Cultivate10/31 set up exhibit at Cultivate7Twelve
Exhibit closed11/23 make room for next exhibit

If you have made it this far, don’t turn back now. Choose your next adventure and make your payment here…

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