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EKPHRASIS is defined as a writers exercise, where artwork is viewed and poetically described in details by the writer on what they see. CTAC has asked artists and writers to create an ekphrastic display based on what they already have completed, or to create new original content that would best fit the exhibit’s themes. Then, CTAC curates a walk-able art gallery in local businesses windows, located in the heart of the newly established Cultural District of Waco,TX.


Twenty Art & Word displays that will take you on an exploration of mind, body, soul while focusing on mental health and wellness, grief and loss, healing and recovery. These ekphrastic displays will be in fifteen store front windows on Austin and Washington Avenues between 6th & 8th streets, the heart of the Waco Downtown Cultural District.

EKPHRASIS MIXERS is something new we started in 2017. The mixers are monthly gatherings for participating Artists and Writers to meet in person, brainstorm ideas, and share their works before the exhibit opening. The mixers were held at the Waco Hippodrome, Klassy Glass, Cultivate7Twelve and The One O Eight.

First Friday Nov 3 Community Voting

Saturday Nov 4th Opening Event at Austin’s on the Avenue, 710 Austin Ave.

Click HERE for more information on Mental Health provided by the supporting Mental Health providers.


August 4th through 18th in Downtown Waco, displays between 6th and 8th streets on Austin Ave.

We took a chance and extended an All Call for Artists in our community to collaborate with Writers to create 25 unique ekphrastic displays. We successfully turned Downtown Austin Ave into an outside walk-able art gallery.


Ekphrasis winners