CTAC & #WorldArtDropDay

Tuesday September 6th is World Art Drop Day!!  

CTAC artists are getting items ready to distribute in and around Waco, Texas tomorrow.  If you’re in need of tags to put with your artwork–so people know it is a gift for them to keep–we’ve provided the Art Abandonment logo (designed by Art Abandonment founder, Michael deMeng) and a PDF of ready-made tags you can print 2-sided and use with your pieces.

Hints and Tips: 

  • Try to avoid dropping art in places with high security like banks and post offices–you don’t want your art mistaken for anything threatening
  • Place your art inside a clear bag–preferably a zip-seal bag to protect from the elements or other splashes (like when leaving things in cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants)
  • If there is a receptionist or proprietor of the place where you’d like to drop, it’s a good idea to check in with them first to make sure it’s OK to leave artwork for folks to find
  • Take a picture of your drop and share it with the #CTAC page on Facebook or tag us on Instagram or post it to the Art Abandonment Facebook Group
  • Have fun!!  Artists of all ages, styles, levels, and mediums are encouraged to participate!
  • While #WorldArtDropDay is September 6th, #ArtAbandonment can happen any day of the year!  Connect with us to stay tuned for future community artjams and art drop adventures!

Art Abandonment Logo

(Art Abandonment logo free to download and use to make your own tags)

CLICK HERE to download #CTAC Art Abandonment Tags .

 This PDF document can be printed 2-sided to create 6 tags per sheet — we recommend using brightly colored paper so people will see the tag easily.  This tag is not required–you are welcome to write or print your own version.  But if this one will help save you time, please feel free to use as desired!