from the Act Locally Waco #ArtsnCulture blog – June 2016

In May, Central Texas Artist Collective co-founder, Angie Veracruz challenged Waco artists to engage in a global project called Art Abandonment. The idea for participating was born after a conversation Angie had with a new Waco transplant, artist Christy Town, who first introduced the idea to CTAC.  What a thrilling chain of creative events!

Art Abandonment was founded by artist Michael deMeng in 2012.  What began as a small project among a circle of friends has since grown into an international movement of creating and giving away art.  It’s a movement motivated by beauty, generosity, and the very best of our nature as humans.  The idea is simple: create art, leave it for someone to find.  The goal is anonymous acts of kindness through art…

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